A question for you to ponder on a long autumnal walk…

Hello friend

How have you been? I hope you have weathered the COVID storm and are doing OK in your corner of the world. It has been a while since I blogged regularly because, you know, life! But as we come into the last quarter of this extraordinary year, I wanted to reach out and check in.

A question for you to ponder on a long autumnal walk… PIP HORIZ ME2 1

I know of many people who can’t wait to see the back of 2020, but personally I am not rushing toward December. Autumn is a gorgeous time out in nature, for wrapping up warm and taking long walks, for catching up with old friends and harvesting the lessons from the year.

So for the remainder of 2020 I am going to write a new love note a couple of times a month, offering a question to ponder. I hope that’s OK with you. Sometimes it will be a reflection question, other times it will be one to inspire you to look up and ahead. Sometimes it will be a deep question, other times, simply something to get you looking a little differently at the world.

To begin, today’s question is this – an obvious but essential question to begin with:

What is the best thing that has happened for you this year because of all the disruption and chaos caused by COVID?

Perhaps you’d like to take this question for a walk, or chat about it to a friend or partner, or pop over to Instagram @bethkempton and tell me. I’d love to know.

Beth Xx

A question for you to ponder on a long autumnal walk… PIP HORIZ DEEP 0

PS If you are like me and love to use this time for reflection and planning ahead, but have become disillusioned by planning (because, well what’s the point when everything gets cancelled?) then you might like my brand new Perfectly Imperfect 2021 Digital Planner, which comes with an audio guide read by me, to help you distill the lessons from this crazy year and dream about what 2021 might bring. This is not your usual achievement-led goal-setting exercise. It’s more soulful than that, and encourages you to dream and scheme in the full knowledge that things might change, because they often do.

This planner has just been released and is available to buy here for just £7 (around $9) or you can get it for FREE with any order of my book Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year, which comes out in the US and Canada next week. To get it for free, simply order Calm Christmas in any format (gorgeous hardback, ebook or audiobook read by me) from any retailer and then put your receipt details into the short form here.

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If you bought the book last year, why not get a copy for a friend, then use that receipt to get access to the planner for free? Just a thought!