Remember this gorgeous place? Imagine waking up early to this view, birds singing, breathing fresh air, morning sun on your face. And then indulging in an hour of kundalini yoga before a delicious breakfast, prepared on site by a professional chef, and then off to art class?  That is how the days will begin at the Do What You Love retreat.  Morning yoga will be offered as an optional activity for anyone on the retreat. What a way to start the day…

(Image: Natural Retreats)

More about the sessions:

The Kundalini yoga sessions (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) will be led by Devi Kirin Kaur, a level 1 and 2 qualified teacher (trained with Amrit Nam Sarovar over the course of three years).  She teaches Kundalini yoga classes and workshops in East Sussex and Gloucestershire, and is a member of (and fully insured by) KYTA.  Four early morning classes will be offered (6.45-7.45am), suitable for all levels. Please note these will be outside, and therefore weather dependent.

In Devi Kirin Kaur’s words… “Over the course of the retreat there is an opportunity to dive deep into the centre of being.  Together we will unleash potential and connect to the true source of wisdom and truth, letting go of limitations to allow the spirit to soar. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. We will be working with the energy potential, removing any blocks within the body that create limitation. Through the sacred technology of Kundalini yoga, we will be working to move energy through the chakras. Opening profound joy through the heart, as well as working on creativity, communication and intuition through breath (pranayam), postures (asanas), meditation, chanting and relaxation.


Testimonials from Devi Kirin Kaur’s students:

“It is like no Yoga I’ve tried before and was a totally new concept to me. The environment (was) friendly and totally relaxing. Devi Kirin is kind, patient, informative and a pleasure to spend time with. The sessions are spiritually, mentally and physically uplifting!” – Fiona Muir

“Devi Kirin Kaur’s style of teaching is gentle but firm, supportive, encouraging, nurturing yet challenging us to stretch to new horizons.”  – Sara Lawlor

“I find Devi Kirin Kaur to be an intuitive teacher, combining her extensive knowledge of Kundalini Yoga with a sympathetic teaching style.  She creates a great learning space and takes care that her students are supported in their journey through Kundalini Yoga.” – Jenifer Corker


Find out more about the Do What You Love retreat here.