DWY team
The team (including our fab teachers!) from L-R: Ellie, Hannah, Lex, Rachel, Flora, Suzanne, Louise, Priscilla, Chris, Juliette, me, Paul  Image: courtesy of NavyBlur

It is not possible to deliver something like the Do What You Love retreat without an army of angels – and I was blessed with the best.

Shiny happy people, full of energy, initiative and creative love, they generously gave their time to help outside of class hours.  They gave the other participants a warm welcome, got up early, went to bed late, helped make the place look beautiful and did much behind the scenes – always with a smile (and frequently with a belly laugh and a mouthful of chocolate) – to help make everyone’s experience as special as it could be.

I am truly indebted to the retreat team who helped make it all happen, and proud to call them my friends.

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes with the team hard at work…

[Image: NavyBlur]

Preparing the site signage…                                                                                      

Chris Nicholls[Images above and below: NavyBlur]

Registering arrivals and showing them to their lovely lodges…              

[Image: NavyBlur]

Explaining where to find everything…

[Image: NavyBlur]

Breakfast meetings…                                                                                                    

wine and sparklers[Image: NavyBlur]

Serving wine and sparklers…

[Image: NavyBlur]

Preparing for early morning yoga with the lovely Devi Kirin Kaur          

[Image: NavyBlur]

Adding little touches around the place…

[Image: NavyBlur]

Opening the tipi up for dinner…                                                                               

[Image: NavyBlur]

… and checking the cakes taste delicious!

I must also thank the wonderful Christine Boyd and Xander Neal of NavyBlur for all the fab photos, and Jack Benson and Rafael Gibbons of Nut Films for the film (which is in the works – so exciting!).  Can’t wait to share Do What You Love interviews with them in the coming weeks…

Thank you all!


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