Hi. I feel like it has been an eternity since I last wrote a blog post. It certainly does feel like a lifetime ago, a different chapter of my life anyway.

The past couple of months have seen Beth and I slowly find our feet as parents. The fact that we have been trying to run a business from home has been completely lost on our daughter, who has now even taken the role as sleeping partner and boss.

IMG_6165 bw

Sienna, who entered this world with nothing, in the broadest sense of the word, is certainly growing and learning at a much greater pace than we are. I am dumbfounded at the speed of her development. Those big blue eyes are certainly processing a lot of information every moment, never mind melting her Dad’s heart.

The relentless nature of being a parent is an experience that can only be experienced to be appreciated. The dependency that your child has on you can be a little overwhelming but is also truly inspiring.

Our baby is not concerned about the politics, economics or the religions of this world. She is not concerned about money, deadlines or shopping. All she asks is that I look back into her eyes and let her know I am there and that she is OK, and that I make her laugh.

I took a very conscious decision to design my life in such a way that I could spend every day with her. This decision required considerable change and upheaval, but has been vindicated every moment that she smiles or discovers something new.

However, I didn’t realise just how little time I would have for myself, and how little my wife and I would have together. This was highlighted when a good friend of mine signed me up for a CTS half marathon trail run recently. The prospect of running further than I had ever done before over rough terrain didn’t worry me too much. I was more concerned about not having enough time to sleep, never mind train.


In perfect DWYL fashion I sat down and decided I needed to find a solution to this ‘lack of time’. What I discovered was there were solutions staring me in the face and I would only have to make very small changes, although they would be solutions that would test my character and commitment.

Firstly I decided to make the most of the time between 6.00-7:30 am when both wife and daughter would be sleeping and/or feeding. I now wake up at 05:55 and do all my exercise for the day. Yes it is early and yes I don’t always feel like doing it at that time, but that is my best and only real opportunity so I have taken it. Running down by the sea during sunrise is something I would highly recommend. Not only does it blow away the cobwebs, but knowing you have done your exercise for the day is comforting and eliminates any frustration later on when the day takes an unplanned twist (which happens a lot with a child).

Without my friend applying a little bit of pressure on me to participate in the event I am not sure I would have initially had the motivation to train. I also know if I am not finding time to exercise I am not happy in myself. The message is clear. You will never have a perfect time to do anything. If you want to do it find a way to make it happen. Then……

’Just Do It!’

This is true whether you are changing career, wanting to try a new sport or activity, learn a new skill or even meeting new friends. You are the only person preventing yourself moving forward.


We completed the half marathon last weekend and I enjoyed every moment. I felt like I was doing something for me. I was introduced to an event and a sport which I thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely do again.


When we become parents we step into a whole new adventure, but I feel it is important that we don’t stop being the people we were beforehand. I want Sienna to get to know me as her Dad – a man with a full life, not a pale shadow of the man who used to do things!

Until next time,