Today I want to talk about something that we don’t often speak of. Something that’s confusing, and difficult, and stops us pursuing our dreams. It’s the paradox of escape.

When a bird or an animal in captivity is released into the wild, somewhat surprisingly it doesn’t burst out of its cage and race headlong into its new world. It emerges timidly, hovering near the cage, clearly stunned by the reality of their new situation, and often looking back several times before tentatively moving away.

And so it is with us. We’re rarely trapped one moment and free the next. Even if we make bold moves to change our lives, opening the door of the cage that has been trapping us, after an initial high, we are struck with the heartstopping realization that the world outside the cage is freaking terrifying. It’s just so huge and vast, we have no idea where to go, and we’re not even sure if we remember how to fly.

And the cage doesn’t usually disappear as soon as we leave it. The reality is more complex than that. We hover at the door, tempted forwards by potential but held back by fear.

If that sounds familiar to you right now, you might appreciate this video I made for you:

Here’s to taking the leap anyway, knowing that when it’s hard, that’s normal…