Did you know that we are only born with two fears? The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Both are engrained in our DNA and are there to protect us and ensure our survival. Every other fear we have has been learned. Which means we can also un-learn it. How? By facing it, by daring to believe, by taking risks, by overcome failures, and by doing it all over again.

You might not always feel it, but there’s a huge amount of courage deep down inside you. You just need to unlock it.


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” – Marianne Williamson


Here are our top tips for living boldly and bravely 

  1. Live in the moment: Life can be brimming with easy times of beauty and light or overflowing with hard times of dark and difficulty. Choose to stay present through it all. Appreciate the varied landscape and enjoy the ride.
  2. Embrace the power of positivity: Stop thinking negatively and instead train your mind to create positive expectations. You are worthy. You can do it. Expect the best and you’ll get the best.
  3. Be open to possibilities: Accept that you can’t control everything. Instead follow your instincts, try and do what feels right and let the universe take care of the rest.
  4. Put on your wonder-glasses: when you see life as a creative and wild adventure, a whole new world opens up. Seek out beauty, be curious, ask questions, explore, and say yes to every new opportunity that comes your way.
  5. Be authentic: In a world where everyone is trying to be someone else, be brave enough to be yourself. Think about the special gifts you have and make the most of what you have to offer.
  6. Consider the impact of your bravery on others: Make a list of everyone in your life who will benefit from you moving forward and starting that business, writing that book, taking that trip, or saying ‘yes’ to that big presentation or promotion.
  7. Practice gratitude: Appreciate all you have and all that’s around you. Become aware of open hearts, open minds, and an unlimited life. This is energy well spent.
  8. Draw a colourful picture: Think about your past successes and your strengths, skills and talents. Picture your dreams in bright colours and visualize them coming to life. You’ll be amazed at what starts to manifest.
  9. Make a list of your fears. For each one write down all the reasons why you want to overcome it. Think about how your life will change and what you’ll be able to do differently. When the going gets tough remind yourself of these reasons. it will help you to stay motivated.
  10. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable: One of the best ways to grow and experience what life can offer is to try something new. It might be difficult at first, but don’t be discouraged. It helps to see a challenge or struggle as character building and a normal stage in the development process. Each time your brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, it gets a little bit easier.

By facing your fears you allow yourself to be free and happy, and to make your dreams of doing what you love a reality. As Dr. Brené Brown says: “You get from this life what you have the courage to ask for.”

What are you going to ask for?