It's not about having time, it's about making time. - Anonymous

We all lead busy lives and it is sometimes easy to loose sight of those small things that can make a major difference to our daily experience of happiness.

That’s why I have created this 31-day challenge to make time for the things you love. Let’s think of it as an experiment in happiness and prioritisation – it starts very gently, and slowly but surely builds over the 31 days, so by the end you will be amazed by how much additional time and space you have found in your day.

I invite you to join me to rediscover the small wonders that make you happy, carving out one minute at a time, one day at a time. 

It couldn’t be more simple to get involved – just sign up below and get ready to begin. Check your inbox for details, and get ready to receive one inspiring email a day for 31 days. Each one will provide thought-provoking words and a prompt to encourage you to create, connect or just find more joy.

Making time for the things you love is vital, and it couldn’t be easier with this fun challenge. So sign up now – it takes less than a minute! After all, the minutes, become the hours, become the days of our lives…

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