Are you doing what you love?

Whether the answer (right now) is yes or no, we all have a story to tell.

In celebration of the Do What You Love e-course launch, I am putting out a call for guest posts for this blog.  It attracts four-figure weekly traffic, and I want to open up that platform to share your stories with the world.

I am starting a new series shortly, capturing the essence of what it means to do what you love, warts and all, and I’d love it if you would be part of that.

What’s your story? Are you doing what you love?  If so, what changes or sacrifices have you had to make along the way to get there?

If you aren’t (yet) doing what you love but want to, what obstacles are standing in your way, and how are you tackling them?

Please contact me if you are interested in having your story highlighted, and sending more readers to your part of the blog world.

You never know, your story may end up in the book proposal I am secretly working on…

(PS If you have no idea what you love, it might be an idea to sign up for the Do What You Love e-course!)