Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Ready for a career change? Want to spend your days doing something you love – a job you feel passionately about and that makes a difference – rather than just something that just pays the bills?

Dropping your current job to pursue an entirely different career path takes courage, confidence and commitment, especially if it requires going back to basics, retraining or taking a pay cut. However when it comes to chasing your dreams, know that an open mind and a willingness to succeed, anything is possible. It could be the best move you ever make.

A recent study asked 500 Brits who’d recently changed careers to share their experiences – here are some of the main findings from the research.

Learning something new is fun

Of course, the main reason you’ll undertake training is to get on the next step of that ladder, but there’s no reason why shouldn’t enjoy the journey. In fact, while some research participants saw retraining as merely a necessity, many others found it fun, rewarding and the most interesting part of their experience.

After all, learning new skills, discovering different ways of working and preparing yourself for a new challenge is exciting. It may feel daunting at times, but according to one participant in the research, ‘if you come at it with the right attitude it works really well’. So try and be positive, go with the flow and stay open to new experiences – you’re sure to reap the benefits in the long run.

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Make use of your current skill set

You may not realise it, but already have a whole range of skills from your previous jobs and many of these can be carried over to your new role – even those that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be useful. Got experience working with people from a retail or social care position? These skills can easily be transferred to things like marketing roles, driving jobs or customer service. Survey respondents agreed that using previously learnt skills stood them in good stead, with one claiming it made retraining much ‘easier than expected’.

Overcome the challenges

While many participants shared positive experiences of changing careers, it didn’t come without its challenges – one of which was fitting re-training around other commitments. Retraining can require you to study in your spare time, so be prepared to be flexible. It’s a great ides to think through all your options and make a plan of action. Consider things like your current hours – could you change them so you’re more flexible? And childcare – how will you fit studying/training in around the kids and family life – could your partner share the load? Do you have family/friends who could help out short-term?

For a while you could find things are a little crazy, but your future happiness – and the impact that will have on everyone around you – is well worth the investment in terms of your time and energy as who knows where this new chapter in your life might take you. Plus you’ll be able to add multi-tasking to your skill set, too!

Perseverance is key

While the survey showed some people found retraining intensive, with one respondent describing it as ‘not for the faint-hearted’, for most the process was a fulfilling one. That’s why, even when things are tough and you’re juggling studies with normal life, it can help to stay focused on why you’re doing this. Make a list of all the reasons to remind yourself to stay positive. At times, it may be difficult, but perseverance is key – don’t give up.

So there you have it. Retraining for a new career takes time, energy and dedication but when you find yourself armed with tons of new skills, bursting with knowledge and fully qualified for a job you actually want to do, you’ll never look back. Go for it!

The research featured in this article was conducted by Red Driving School.



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