What if you could get insight into what your soul really needs?

Last year at a conference I met an unassuming but extraordinary woman named Mary-Anne Wagner.  As soon as I met her I knew I wanted to be friends with her, and she later said the same to me. Funny how that happens sometimes. Mary-Anne has a unique gift which I had never even heard of, never mind experienced, but when I dug deeper to understand what she does for a living, I had my mind blown.

Mary-Anne does what is called ‘soul counselling’, communicating with the souls of loved ones and/or animals past and present to share messages you need to hear to find peace in your life. Something Mary-Anne told me about what the soul of one of my loved ones wanted me to know, that she had no way of normally knowing, actually changed the way I see a significant part of my life.

She can even invite your own soul to connect with her, to show her what it most wants you to know. And when she passes on what she has been shown, it feels like something you knew deep down, but perhaps ignored, or turned away from, or allowed to be shouted down by noisier things in your life. Many people have found what she tells them brings them great comfort after experiencing trauma or loss. I think she is magical.

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Mary-Anne’s personal story is compelling and the wisdom she has gained from this unusual ‘career’ is incredibly important. I simply had to invite Mary-Anne onto my podcast to find out more about how she discovered this gift, how she has helped others heal, and what we can all learn from the recurring themes that she has been witness to. The result is a conversation like no podcast you have ever heard. Don’t miss this!


I would love to hear what you make of this extraordinary story. Please do come and share over on Instagram @bethkempton.

Have a great week


New book ‘WABI SABI’ teaches life lessons inspired by ancient Japanese wisdom

New book 'WABI SABI' teaches life lessons inspired by ancient Japanese wisdom WABI SABI WIDE

‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life‘ will be published by Piatkus on August 30. This is the second book from Do What You Love founder Beth Kempton, and offers a whole new way of looking at the world – and your life – inspired by centuries-old Japanese wisdom.

Wabi sabi (“wah-bi sah-bi”) is a captivating concept from Japanese aesthetics, which helps us to see beauty in imperfection, appreciate simplicity and accept the transient nature of all things. With roots in Zen and the Way of Tea, the timeless wisdom of wabi sabi is more relevant than ever for modern life, as we search for new ways to approach life’s challenges and seek meaning beyond materialism.

Wabi sabi is a refreshing antidote to our fast-paced, consumption-driven world, which will encourage you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and be gentler on yourself. It will help you simplify everything, and concentrate on what really matters.

From honouring the rhythm of the seasons to creating a welcoming home, from reframing failure to ageing with grace, wabi sabi will teach you find more joy and inspiration throughout your perfectly imperfect life.

This book is the definitive guide to applying the principles of wabi sabi to transform every area of your life, and finding happiness right where you are.


Pre-order your copy today to get access to a series of group coaching calls with Beth, where you will dive deep into the main themes of the book. Find all the details and book your spot here.

American/Canadian friends – you can get a copy from with 10% off and free shipping, or wait for the North American version to come out next year!


On revealing your secrets and living your truth {New podcast with Kathe Crawford)

On revealing your secrets and living your truth {New podcast with Kathe Crawford) FS PODCAST FB S2 014 LR

And now for this week’s new Freedom Seeker Chronicles Podcast episode… a very special conversation with a woman with an extraordinary story. Kathe Crawford lived a secret life for three decades before finally discovering how different life can be when you open up to your truth. Kathe’s story is a deeply moving and a huge lesson to every one of us.

Kathe was barely 31-years-old and the mother of two young children when she and her husband received devastating news—information that they agreed to keep secret from everyone in their lives, including their families. As the years passed, this secret weighed heavily on her, even more so as she continued to respect her husband’s wishes for more than 20 years after his death.

Raising two sons as a single parent, Kathe was determined to build a successful career and a stable home. But this proved increasingly difficult as her secret became an exhausting facade. For so many years, survival had meant hiding the one thing that she thought would harm herself and her family the most. But when she could no longer maintain the protective wall around her heart, she discovered a deeper legacy of keeping secrets that she had inherited from her parents. The only way to heal would be to open herself to her heart and then to allow others to see her as she was, without secrets and without pretense. The shares all of this in her debut memoir, ‘Unlocking Secrets’, and in this podcast interview here. Kathe shares her spiritual journey from hiding in the shadows of her secrets to embracing the light of absolute authenticity, learning that self-love is perhaps the most important love story of all.

Listen in to hear the remarkable journey of a woman who set herself free by following her truth, and the difficult but necessary journey that followed as she revealed her secret. It will inspire you to release any secrets that have been weighing you down, and embrace the most authentic version of yourself. Listen here now or catch it on iTunes!


On living intuitively [+ new podcast episode with tarot reader Theresa Reed]

On living intuitively [+ new podcast episode with tarot reader Theresa Reed] Kempton Shaw Shoot 03 DSC 0083

When you hear the words ‘living intuitively’, how do you feel? Is it something really familiar to you, or does it sound like something that mystics do? As someone brought up being encouraged to think critically and use data to make decisions, it’s only in recent years that I have come to fully appreciate the power and potency of my own intuition. (And that’s why I was so excited to interview tarot reader Theresa Reed in this week’s new podcast episode).

On living intuitively [+ new podcast episode with tarot reader Theresa Reed] FS PODCAST LISTEN BUTTON

As I dived deeper into the topic of intuition in researching my book Freedom Seeker, I discovered something fascinating about birds, which taught me something about how we humans can better navigate the world.

It turns out most birds use a combination of three tools to understand where they are and how to get where they want to go: landmarks, the sun and stars, and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Natural landmarks such as mountains and rivers, and man-made landmarks such as tall buildings, can be helpful pointers for birds, but only if they have flown a particular route before. So this first navigational tool is all about knowledge and experience.

The sun and the stars are reliable indicators of position and orientation, particularly when the weather is clear. This second tool is therefore all about information and guidance.

Then last but not least, birds are thought to use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate. We aren’t exactly sure how they do this, although scientists believe birds have a sense called magnetoreception – a kind of inner compass, which allows them to detect the magnetic field and perceive location, altitude and direction. So this third tool is all about using their sixth sense.

And so it is with humans, as we try to understand where we are and how to navigate to where we want to go.

First we have to look to our knowledge and experience – what we have learned from the road we have taken so far, our background, our education, the books we have read, the conversations we have had, the things said by the people who inspire us, the jobs we have done, the places we have been, all of it.

Then we need to fill in the gaps with information and guidance. This is about research, asking questions, talking to people who have done it before, finding role models and mentors, taking classes, gathering information and being prepared to ask for help.

And then there’s the third and final tool of navigating life. It’s our sixth sense – our intuition. It’s that inner knowing, the answers we already have inside if we just ask and then listen.

If you ignore the first tool you risk repeating past mistakes. If you don’t employ the second, you dive blindly into the unknown. But ignoring the third tool is the most dangerous of all, because it is the voice of your free self calling.

I encourage you to notice which of these three tools you are using as you make decisions – big and small – this coming week. Which could serve you better? Play around with them and see!


On living intuitively [+ new podcast episode with tarot reader Theresa Reed] FS PODCAST S1 005 1


How often do you use your intuition to make a decision? Are you missing a trick by not trusting your gut enough? That’s the topic we got talking around in this episode – why leading with your intuition is the key to happy, balanced, free life for you and those around you.

I am thrilled to welcome Theresa Reed, aka “The Tarot Lady” to the show. She is the perfect fit for this episode having worked with entrepreneurs the world over to help them channel their inner guide and find their own sense of direction. Theresa has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She reads tarot via email, over the phone and on Skype for clients and has become well known for her tarot business forecasting reading which she regularly offers for entrepreneurs seeking direction.

Grab a cuppa and join us for this one off, special chat where Theresa also shares some rich, parenting advice that she’s developed thanks to her career reading tarot. Be sure to stay tuned to the end, Theresa picks out a tarot card especially for you…

Key Moments:

[4m 0s] The importance of having a simple, peaceful life when you’re a tarot reader

[5m 10s] How Theresa retains detachment and separation from her tarot readings

[6m 30s] How Theresa discovered tarot reading and why tarot is a tool for conscious living

[11m 55s] Theresa tells us the goal of any good tarot reader

[13m 50s] The potential having a tarot reading can bring to you, the choices you make and predictions for your life

[16m 30s] How Theresa uses her experience and intuition to help her be a great parent

[23m 10s] Using Astrology and Tarot readings to map out your business trajectory

[29m 39s] The correlation between tarot and the law of attraction

[31m 45s] The readings Theresa gives for herself, how they work and why she does it

[32m 24s] Theresa tells us what it really feels like to read for someone else

[35m os] Why Theresa always starts he calls with a completely clean, present state only knowing the client’s first name

[39m 10s] Theresa pulls a card for all of us and asks “What can I do to feel more free?”

Subscribe on itunes or see here for other ways to listen!

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50 Ways You Can Practice Self Care

50 Ways You Can Practice Self Care DWYL BLOG TUNEINCHILLOUT 650X250PX LR

A round up of ways to practice self care, as curated by the team at Do What You Love. 

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. ” – Deborah Day

Do you often find yourself working long days? Do you put your children’s, friend’s and/or family’s needs before your own? Do you rarely tune in and listen to your body when it’s craving rest? Self care is a real work-in-progress but when practiced, it can make our whole lives better. From easing anxiety to living each moment more mindfully, mastering self care rituals is as necessary to our daily lives as putting food on the table, and shouldn’t be ignored.


30 reasons to do a digital detox

30 reasons to do a digital detox DWYL BLOG EXPERT COLUMNISTS LAPTOP 550X200PX LR1

This is a guest post by one of the UK’s leading experts in digital distraction and digital detox, Frances Booth, author of The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World, A Writer For All Seasons, and more productivity tips. Find out more about her here.

Here are 30 reasons to do a digital detox; ideas to make you think, to challenge you, and to give you motivation if and when you do decide to switch off. If you’re curious about the benefits a digital detox can bring you at work and for work-life balance, these tips are for you.

If you are sick of pinging demands, an overflowing inbox, and feeling overloaded, a digital detox can be a great strategy to use to achieve balance in the digital world. It might just give you the productivity boost you need.

My related piece on How To Do A Digital Detox gives more advice on practicalities such as how long your digital detox should be and how to prepare for switching off.

Image credit Alejandro Pinto - www.alejandroescamilla.comImage credit Alejandro Pinto via Flickr

These are some reasons why a digital detox makes sense.


Sometimes we need a shining light. Sometimes we are that light.

Sometimes we need a shining light. Sometimes we are that light. IMG 3519 e1499517524821Sometimes we need a shining light. Sometimes we are that light. IMG 3518 e1499517542772

How are you doing? I woke up at 5am this morning, feeling compelled to write to you even though my body clock is all over the place, having recently travelled 26 hours to Boise, Idaho, for an event, and sleeping at very strange times each day.

As soon as I awoke I wanted to go outside and sit with my laptop in the dark listening to the birds, watching the world wake up, and write to you, so that is what I am doing. The reason for this is that yesterday I spent a truly wonderful day here at Melody Ross’s beautiful Brave Girl Symposium, first telling a story of freedom to 500+ women, then having a Q&A with my soul sister Kelly Rae Roberts answering questions about life, love and business, and then signing copies of Freedom Seeker for over three hours. It was a love fest.

I felt bad for the people queueing up for so long, but treasured the opportunity to speak to each and every woman who so generously shared their story with me – where they are in their life right now, what they are looking for, and what resonated in my talk about finding freedom in our lives, whatever is going on.

Even though I’m still fairly new to the world of book signings, I’ve realised that it is one of my favourite things to do. There’s something about sharing your story in words, that seems to give other people permission to do the same back. I watch the women from the corner of my eye as they are waiting. Some chat among themselves, some are laughing, some are deep in thought. Some seem to be preparing what they want to say, others clearly have no idea what they want to say, but are trusting something will come when they get to the front of the queue.

I never know what someone is going to say when they get to me. I often ask them a question, and see what tumbles out. The truth is, often I go to events and people have no idea who I am until I tell my story and it resonates with them on a soul level, and they feel compelled to come and chat. Those are some of my very favourite conversations.

Anyway, what I woke up wanting to say to you is this. In every conversation I had yesterday, in every question I answered, in every pair of eyes I looked into while I was talking from that stage, I saw you. I saw you in the stories and hearts of those women, because in so many ways we are all the same. We are just doing our best. We are showing up for life in the best way we can, and sometimes we need support in doing that, and sometimes we can be the one to offer support. Sometimes we need a shining light, sometimes we are that light. And we are stronger and happier together.

If you were sat with me in a room right now, I’d ask if I could read you this paragraph from Chapter 17 of Freedom Seeker, as a gift to you today:

“Life is wild and glorious and hard and beautiful. We Freedom Seekers must keep choosing freedom with every decision, every detail, every dollar, every day. Because it’s the experience of it all that adds 
up to a beautiful life. Go now and live it with all you’ve got. Fly free, my friend, fly free.”

Much love


PS A quick round up of news from over here:

It’s never too late to follow your dreams

It's never too late to follow your dreams DWYL BLOG WEDNESDAYWELLBEING 650X250PX LR

“When we start to live our own story, that’s when we really come alive, that’s when we really start living.” ~ Kathy Sparrow

Maybe in the course of bringing up your children or earning a living, you’ve put your own hopes and dreams on the back burner. It’s easy to get sucked into “life-as-usual” as you spend your days busily running from one thing to the next.

If you’ve been distracted from doing what you love, diverted from taking the path that leads you towards your dreams or have no idea what you really want to do, now could be the ideal time to think about how you’d like the next chapter of your life to look.


Follow your dreams and create more magic in your own life, and in the world!

Need help, support and inspiration? Start by making more time for yourself today…

Today we invite you to be present for everyone, including yourself. Making time to do the things you love is one of the kindest gifts you can give yourself.

So join us for 31 days of making time: 31 days to learn how to look up and rediscover the small wonders out there that make you happy, 1 day at a time, 1 minute at a time.

Our Making time daily prompt series is completely FREE and it couldn’t be easier to get started. Click here for  information.

It's never too late to follow your dreams Header MakingTime

Motivate yourself unafraid

Motivate yourself unafraid DWYL BLOG SHIFT 650X250PX LR

Did you know that we are only born with two fears? The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Both are engrained in our DNA and are there to protect us and ensure our survival. Every other fear we have has been learned. Which means we can also un-learn it. How? By facing it, by daring to believe, by taking risks, by overcome failures, and by doing it all over again.

You might not always feel it, but there’s a huge amount of courage deep down inside you. You just need to unlock it.


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” – Marianne Williamson



The importance of self care {video}

Self care is a real work-in-progress for me, but know that when I practice it, everything is better. And so I made a little video for you, and also for me, to remind us all that when we take care of ourselves we can better take care of others, as well as having more energy and access to creativity to explore more of what we love. Here you go…

The importance of self care {video} FS AUDIOBOOK 800X400PX LR 1