I am the only one in control of whether I continue being happy or not. - Dave Cornthwaite

DWYL_ALCHEMY_HABITBREAKING_550X700PX_LRFilmed as casual interviews, the Alchemy video series follows the thoughts of inspiring individuals who believe in doing what they love and make it happen every day. The interviews explore the process these people went through to go from dream to reality as well as the challenges and joy brought on by a change in their lifestyle.

Whether they are artists, authors, adventurers or coaches, all the Alchemists in the series are now entrepreneurs who make a living out of their passion and lead their lives on their own terms.

So how did these people start out? How do you go from social worker to full time artist without any training? How can you afford to quit your career to live a life of adventure? How do you believe in something so much that you dedicate your life to making it happen?

Of very different backgrounds, the Alchemists all have one thing in common: They took the first step. We hope watching these videos will inspire you to take that first step too.

About the series

  • Alchemy features seven inspiring thought leaders from the worlds of education, adventure, business, art and exploration. Meet the Alchemists below.
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  • You can also catch up on the highlights of our Twitter chat with each Alchemist.

The Playbook

Screenshot 2015-04-21 11.06.08We hope you’ll be inspired by our Alchemists. To help you get the most from the interviews we’ve created an Alchemy Playbook, where you can capture your highlights from the series. You can print your Playbook and scribble in it the old fashioned way, or type directly into the PDF.

Download yours here.







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David Price

Alchemist - David Price, OBE

“We now really have to think quite radically about changing the way that we learn.”

Alchemist: David Price, OBE
Occupation: Education Writer, Speaker and Trainer

David is the author of “Open”, a book about how the new dynamics of digital culture are transforming not only how we work and play but how we think, feel and learn (Amazon UK).

From disengaged schoolboy to specialist in education change, David is now campaigning for a radical change in our education system, which he believes does not prepare future generations to the shift that is already happening in the economy.

David is Founder of Engaged Learning, Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently and has been made an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to education.


Dave Cornthwaite

Alchemist - Dave Cornthwaite“I am the only one in control of whether I continue being happy or not.”

Alchemist: Dave Cornthwaite
Occupation: Adventurer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Filmmaker

Have you heard about that man who paddleboarded around Martinique? That was Dave. How about the guy who skateboarded across Australia? That was Dave too. In fact, he has made numerous 1000 mile journeys using non-motorised transport, exploring the world as he goes.

Dave used to be a graphic designer before he decided that he wanted to be happy every day of his life. Now he earns his living going on adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people. Most of his adventures involve doing things he has never done before. David has an “aim, fire, go” philosophy and believes that too much preparation will stop you from taking the leap.

Dave’s video will change your perceptions on how you think you should live your life and remind you how important it is to understand that everyone is different and that building your life around that is essential to happiness.


Ben Keene

Alchemist - Ben Keene

“The most important thing is who you spend your time with.”

Alchemist: Ben Keene
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Host, Tribe Builder

Ben describes a tribe as “feeling like you belong to something that has some kind of purpose and having the freedom within that experience or group to do your own thing.”

In his interview, Ben talks from the Bali jungle, where he is running his Tribewanted project, a programme to help entrepreneurs build their start ups while exploring ways of living differently. A concept made possible by the Digital Nomad revolution.

Ben has also worked with Escape the City, hosting the Escape Festival, and with Right to Dream, a leadership development programme through sport in West Africa. He is a regular speaker on startups, travel and social enterprise.


Lilla Rogers

Alchemist - Lilla Rogers

“You have to find where you’re the most nurtured.”

Alchemist: Lilla Rogers
Occupation: Artist, Author, Art Agent

Lilla is an artist, author and art agent. Her passion is to help other people push themselves and live a fulfilling and successful life of joy creating art they love. She does this through representation (she is an agent for 35 artists) and her online courses – Make Art That Sells – for artists who want to create commercially viable art while staying true to themselves.

In her video, Lilla talks about positivity, confidence and the importance of being excited about what you do and sharing that excitement with others.


Kelly Rae Roberts

Alchemist - Kelly Rae Roberts

“Nothing is permanent, we can always change direction.”

Alchemist: Kelly Rae Roberts
Occupation: Artist, Author, Possibilitarian

Kelly Rae was a social worker with a passion for art. She is now a successful artist, author and trainer who helps artists through her online courses and inspiring books.

If you are interested in learning more about Kelly Rae’s journey, and getting a ton of insider tips & tricks to help your creative business soar, we’d recommend that you check out her fantastic e-book Flying Lessons.

In her video, Kelly Rae talks about how she found out what she wanted to do, her career transition into being a professional artist, and how her past experiences and interests still accompany her.


Andres Roberts

Alchemist - Andres Roberts“I have really tried to be the change many of us want to see”.

Alchemist: Andres Roberts
Occupation: Coach, Facilitator, Leadership and Change Advisor.

Andres is involved in many projects dedicated to positive revolution. The concept of “wholeness” is at the centre of all his projects – understanding that we are a part of something bigger can allow us to let go of the smaller things that hold us back in life (our ‘everyday bonds) and focus on the bigger picture.

As a coach and purposeful leadership and change consultant, Andres works with organisations wanting to act on positive change, and is co-founder of transformational, wild retreats enterprise, Way of Nature. He also organises retreats and workshops to get more connected with nature and recently spent 28 days alone in the Colorado mountains.


Emily Penn

Alchemist - Emily Penn

“I realised that there was no fixed path for me in life.”

Alchemist: Emily Penn
Occupation: Ocean Advocate, Skipper, Artist

Conscious about ecology from the start, Emily decided not to travel by plane anymore and reduce her carbon imprint. When she was offered a job as an architect in Australia, the question was how to get there?

That’s when she joined the Earthrace crew and sailed from the UK to Australia, stopping in 120 cities around the world, to raise awareness about the poor state the ocean is in. This was an eye-opener for Emily, who never started that architect job but instead is dedicating her life to campaigning for the oceans, from organizing huge community-led clean ups to leading awareness expeditions around the world.

Emily is the world’s youngest Yachtmaster of the Year and also Director of global organization Pangaea Explorations.

Emily’s story is the perfect example of how being open to opportunity and finding ways to stick to what you love and believe in can open up a whole world of unexpected possibilities.